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On this site, on another site related to this one, or in the Fims game, I have seen the noun "build." What does this sense of the word mean in this situation?

Posted by Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien on August 8, 2011 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

In the Fims, there are two main aspects (or modes) of gameplay: Play mode and Build mode.  To most, it's obvious what play mode is; it's the part of the game during which PowerPoint is showing the game in a full screen display window.  So, therefore, build mode is the part of gameplay where PowerPoint shows an edit window, and you customize the different features of your Fims and your world.  In build mode, each area of possible customization, such as a Fim, your house, your yard, or your world, is called a build.  There are many ways you can use builds, some of which include: designing the interior of a house or building, setting a background for your map, positioning streets, homes, and businesses on the map, setting the colors of various objects in your world, creating and editing Fims, posting videos to the overhead projectors in the Fims' school, customizing Zoomspots, and many more things!  There are a couple of things to watch out for when editing a build.  A build is composed of all of the slides that you see when editing it, so if you're adding or changing a background, be sure not to click "Apply To All," because if you do, all of the slides (also known as Areas) of that particular build will have the new background.  Yes, you can undo this by holding down the Control key, pressing Z, and then letting up on those two keys in reverse order, but it would totally save you time if you simply clicked "Apply," and not "Apply To All."  Finally, the game can store as much data in its builds as you want it to, but the more things you put in one area of any particular build (especially the first slide), the longer the game takes to load the build in play mode, so try to spread out the features of your builds among slides.  You can also create a duplicate of an area by holding Alt, pressing I (i), letting up in reverse order, and then pressing D .  To clear the contents of the area without clearing the editing setup, drag your mouse from the top left corner of the area (just below the editing setup) to the bottom right corner of the area, and then press "Backspace" or "Delete."  You will notice that the editing tools are still above what is now a blank area, with the same background as the original area that you copied.  So, yes, there's some information on builds for you.

How do I delete a tutorial message from the background of a build?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 4, 2011 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

If you plan on playing the game a lot, but you still don't quite get how, there are tutorial messages that tell you how to use Build Mode.  These messages most commonly appear in the background of a build.  To delete a tutorial message from a build, simply right click on it, click "Background," choose a new background color, effect or picture, and then click apply; DO NOT CLICK "Apply To All," because if you do, the background you chose will be set for the entire build!  Yes, you can change backgrounds whenever you want, but clicking the regular "Apply" button will save you a lot of extra editing!  But yeah, that's how you delete a tutorial message from a build.  Not too hard is it?

When I click on an activity, PowerPoint shows a presentation of that activity without first showing me an edit window; why would this be?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 3, 2011 at 7:07 PM Comments comments (0)

There may be a time where you click on an activity, and, instead of displaying an edit window, PowerPoint shows you a presentation that shows the current status of that activity.  How do you fix this, well, by the time you have discovered this, we will have already fixed the problem, for it's just a glitch in the development of a game update.  All you have to do is download the latest update of the game, which will automatically be linked to the

"Play Now!"

button on the Fims website.  Make sure you uninstall the earlier version of the game, simply by deleting it, BEFORE downloading the new update, or, first, you might get the new version confused with the old one, and, secondly, there might be some severe competition between the new and old version (s) of the game, causing it to malfunction.  But yeah, that's all you gotta do to fix that problem: delete the version you currently have, and then come here to the official Fims™ website to download the latest update, by simply clicking on

"Play Now!" 


How do I customize my yard?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 3, 2011 at 5:22 PM Comments comments (0)

Customizing your yard is not as hard as it looks.  Sure, when you start customizing it, your yard already has a default design, but this can be changed as easily as counting to four!  First, click on the areas of the default image you wish to delete; so select multiple areas, simply hold down CTRL (Control) and click on each one, without letting up of the Control key.  Sure, if your finger slips off, you can reposition it back on, which would most often involve letting up on the key, but do not click anything unless you are holding the key down, or you'll have to start selecting all over again!  After you selected all the areas of the yard you want gone, press the delete key.  They will instantly disappear, or almost instantly, depending on how fast your computer is.  Ok, secondly, click on the color of the terrain you want to place down, right click, and then choose "Copy."  You can also click on an item, hold the Control key down (after letting up on the mouse), and press the C key, whilst holding down Control; then, let go of both quickly, first C, then Control.  This gesture is commonly known as "CTRL+C,"  "Control+C," or "Control C."  Thirdly, right click, and then choose "Paste."  This will place a copy of the terrain block accessibly on top of the original; this is necessary so that you don't lose the original template.  Another way to paste anything is to do the same thing you did to copy, but instead of C, press (this is not a typo) V.  Yeah, I know, where did Microsoft come up with that command?  But anyway, you're almost done, now!  All you have to do now is move and resize the duplicate of the terrain!!!  To move anything in the game, simply give it a click, and then, use the arrow buttons to drag it to the spot where you want it to go.  To place it more precisely in a spot literally between two snapped slots, hold Control and use the arrow buttons to truely move it ANYWHERE!  Another imprecise way to move an item is to click on it, and then drag it to the desired area, and then drop it there.  However, with the mouse, you can only put an item in a pre-snapped slot; there is no way you can use the mouse to drop an item in a pinpoint location.  Now, to resize an item, first click on it, and then drag the little frame edge markers to a different spot.  To make something taller, drag the top one up, or the bottom one down, wider, the left one left and the right one right, shorter, the top one down or the bottom one up, completely larger, drag any of the corners farther away from the center, and completely smaller, drag any of the corners closer to the center.  And guess what, that's all you gotta do, it may seem complicated now, but once you've got some practice, you'll be editing things like a pro!!!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Why does my Fim still have a background field around him or her after I put him or her into the game?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 3, 2011 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (0)

You may have figured out how to put your Fim into the game, but did you know that there's also a special way to download Fims to your computer, too?  Many people think that you can just copy and paste the Fim to the desired location in the game.  However, if you don't want a background field around your new Fim, you'll need to go to the album in which the Fim you want is located, click on the image of that Fim in the album, and then, when his or her image comes up alone with a comment box underneath it, you MUST right click it and THEN click the menu item that saves it to a desired folder on your computer.  After this is done, you can now go back to the page in the game where you wish to put the new Fim, and click "Insert," "Picture," "From File."  Search for the Fim you just downloaded, by either entering his or her name, or using the dialog box to navigate through your computer to find the desired Fim.  Once you find him or her, click "Insert," and he or she should appear without any field around him or herself.  ENJOY!!!!!

Why do the main menu titles come up in both English and Spanish, but not its options?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 2, 2011 at 6:34 PM Comments comments (0)

You may have noticed, whether you speak one, the other, or both, that the titles of the categories in the main menu appear in both English AND Spanish, while the items of the menu, such as activities and menu buttons, only show up in English.  This is simply because the font style and size used in the making of the game did not leave enough leeway for the spanish subtitles, so we kept the main content of the game in English.  We're sorry about that, but if it really troubles you, and you want Spanish subtitles throughout your entire gameplay experience, you can edit the game and replace the English with Spanish, by using either, your knowledge of Spanish or Google to translate the menu captions.  So, in the end, it works out!!!

Why does PowerPoint open an edit window when I select an activity in the game?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 2, 2011 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

You may notice that when you click on an activity in the game, a PowerPoint edit window comes up, and there's stuff assorted all over the slide.  This is actually NOT A GLITCH!!!  This is how you play; you create your Fim, and then copy them with CRTL+C.  After that, go back to the main menu, select an activity, and paste your Fim there, and drag them to the place you want them to stand.  If you can't think of a good look for a fim, choose from our ever growing list of options to download as an image.  Then, insert your new Fim into your game, and move him or her to any spot you choose!  Some characters will have animation, so that the Fims will be able to move when you exit Edit Mode, with the F5 Key!  These special Fims can be found here on this site, on the "Special Fims" page!  ENJOY THE GAME!!!