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When I Get A Newer Version Of The Fims, I Pretty Much Don't Care About The Old Version Anymore, And No Longer Need It On My Computer. Is There A Way To Download The New Game And Have My Computer Automatically Delete The Old One For Me?

Posted by Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien on December 30, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Yes, in fact, there is.  The only issue with doing thus this way instead of manually is that an automatic update will erase all of your saved data that you would have otherwise kept in your old game if you had updated it manually.  However, if you're updating the game solely for the new features found in the latest edition of The Fims, then it all works out in the end, as long as you don't care to lose your saves.  To have your computer automatically update the game, you must have a browser that has a Save As function.  Secondly, this function must be enabled before downloading the latest version of The Fims.  This means that when you download the game, there should be a dialog box that comes up asking for a file name and location.  It shouldn't just download it when you click save.  In Firefox, there is a setting in the Tools Options dialog box under the general tab.  There should be two round radio buttons.  One should say something like "... Always ask me where to save files."  That's the one you want to select before downloading the game.  You can always switch the setting back to "... Save files to downloads," if you don't like having to tell your computer where to save your downloaded files, or if you would rather prefer your downloads to all be saved in one place. 

In Internet Explorer, when you click on the Play Now! link on the Fims homepage, a dialog box should appear asking you if you wish to open, save, or save as.  Click Save As. 

Independent of your browser this next step should always work: Once the dialog box comes up and asks you where to save your new game file, use the provided explorer tools to locate and enter the folder where your old save game resides.  Then, make sure that the name of the folder that contains that old game file is displayed in the Save In slash Look In list box.  If it is, make sure that the old game file and the new game file have the same file name.  Unless you changed the name of your old game file, they should match.  If they do not, rename the new file exactly as the old one.  Then click save.  A prompt should ask you if you're sure you wish to overwrite the original game data.  If you are certain that you don't wish to back up your old save game data, click yes. 

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