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Everytime I Open More Than One Build, My Game Crashes, Whether It Be From The Fims Series, The Kumanian Tribe Franchise, The India Games, Or The Project Vocaloid Action Titles! How Do I Fix This?

Posted by James Johnson on September 13, 2013 at 5:25 PM

If you have been playing for a while now, and you've gotten pretty far in the game, or your customization of it, it may be that your game's loading times have increased, putting a greater strain on your central processing unit.  Thus being said, your game is more vulnerable to crashing if you have over, well I'd say, four-thousand items in a build.  So, you should probably open each of your builds individually and remove some of the more power sucking items, such as those which make the game seem to load THEM slower than any other objects in the build.  If you really want those particular objects in there, try saving them as gif images, deleting them, and THEN putting their new gif versions exactly where the original power hogging raw renditions were.  This should make loading about ten percent easier on your CPU.  However, please do note that if you're playing your game in PowerPoint 2002-and-or-3, your version of the software is not compatible with showing multiple builds anyway, so you'll have to open one at a time as it is; in that case, attempting to open more than one build shouldn't crash your game, but if you happen to come upon a grayed out window, or some other colour, depending on what your Application Background colour is set to, don't be alarmed: this just means that PowerPoint automatically closed the last build you opened after you clicked on your new build, where as in newer versions, both would attempt to stay open at the same time, most often resulting in a game crash due to the accidental overpowering of your console - don't worry though, your computer will still work if the game DOES crash, taking you back to the last window you had open before you played the game, and if none, then your desktop.

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