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I have one of those newfangled versions of PowerPoint, and for the life of me, I can't get it to work with me when attempting to create custom animations! How can I make things move in my builds?!

Posted by James Johnson on December 29, 2013 at 11:25 PM

If the new versions of PowerPoint're way too confusing to you, like they are to me, just do like a stop motion effect for each item in each area of each build you want to move.  Create duplicate slides, one at a time, and then, after you create each duplicate, move the item or items in question a little bit, by clicking on them and pressing an arrow key, or a combination of arrow keys that results in a diagonal movement, just once is all that's needed, and then create the next duplicate.  When it's created, the item should be exactly where it was in the previous slide, unless you created a whole bunch of duplicates first because you didn't finish reading the first part of the prior sentence before switching back to your game.  However, if your excitement did get the better of you, there is still hope: it'll just involve more memorization of item positions on your part.  Just go to the first duplicate, move the required item or items with a single click and one arrow or arrow combination, then go to the second duplicate and move it or them with one click but two arrows or arrow combinations, then go to the third duplicate and move it or them with one click but three arrows or arrow combinations; etc.  There: you've got an animated build or multiple animated builds!

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