"The Fims" And Other Life Simulation Games: Shared Content Database

Most characters and content in this database should be interchangeable between the different games, versions and series supported.

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Whether you're playing "The Fims: Life Stories", "The Fims Two: Negative Perspective", "The Fims Three: Right And Wrong", "The Fims Four: A New Beginning", "The Kumanian Tribe: E Rated Edition", "The Kumanian Tribe: T Rated Edition", "The Kumanian Tribe: M Rated Edition", "The Kumanian Tribe: Adults Only Edition", "India 2013", "Project Vocaloid Action", "Purojekuto Vokaroido Akushion", "ADIEMUS PC", "ADIEMUS PC: T Rated Edition", or "ADIEMUS PC: E Rated Edition"; clicking the "Get More" (Insert Character Type Name Here) "FREE!" button takes you to this page, which was made specifically for the hosting of characters that are solely for the original Fims game. However, there are more recent characters that are also designed specifically for the exact title you're playing. See the menu on the right hand side of this page? Click on the option in that list that says, "Download Fims And More". It'll take you to a list of content for various games, just click on the set that goes best with your game, and choose characters from THAT set. It's not that downloading characters from sets that aren't designed for the exact title you're currently running will mess up whatever game that happens to be, they just might not show at the best resolution; either that, or they'll just glitch out on you and look all funky. Plus, you can download as many characters for each supported title, regardless of your current game, as you wish, so don't worry about memory limits!
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