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(Afrikcqen Indien) Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien

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24 years old
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The Fims And Other Life Simulation Games Shared Content Database

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Hi, I'm still the same Kumaria Juan Nazhi' from before, but I have some great news!  I'm no longer blue!  I am now an African Indian!  You see, a week after Christmas break, I decided that it was time to look like a normal person again.  So, what I did is I asked the surgines if they would make me black instead of my formerly natural skin tone.  The next thing I knew I was, and still am, an African Indian.  The only problem is that the American tourists who come to our mansion call me a burnt Indian.  And I do not prefer to be called that.  At all!  Anyway, I love my new skin tone.  My favorite part about it is that, if you look really closely, especially in the sunlight, I look more purple than dark brown.  I went for a ride in my cousin's canoe with him, and he and I were shocked to see that my skin was glowing purple, as if it had its own light source.  See, the blood from my surgery, the new skin tone I now have, and the left over blue stain in my hide, cause me to literally glow purple when I am out in the sun.  I also heard from one of the doctors, during one of my checkups, that because of the dark skin tone I chose to take on, it will be much harder for me to get a sunburn.  So, yeah, I'm really liking my new hide.  It's rich and dark, it glows an ever-awesome purple in the sunlight, and I have been promised by a medical expert that it will be much harder for me to get a sunburn than it would've been if I had chosen to revert to the color I had at birth.  Oh, and by the way, if you didn't already notice, I also cut down my forest of insanely long hair, all the way down to a buzz cut.  What do you think?

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