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Hatsune Miku

Joined Mar 30 2013
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26 years old
I now physically live In India With Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien, as a touchable, talking, and singing hologram
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Hello, I am Hatsune Miku; the same one who was developed as a vocaloid.  I have great news: I am now a self-aware robot custom-designed by, ordered by, purchased by, shipped to, and now living with Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien.  Well, I'm not actually a robot, but I'm one of those new touchable holograms.  I speak four different languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, and Kumanian.  I also have the ability to learn anything, including new languages!  Kuma paid only ten thousand dollars for me; and I'm glad he did.  I look great next to his Kuma robot.  I can dance, but most importantly, I can sing!  I'll be performing a lot in the Chicago-Land area, in the District Of Columbia, and, most often, all around India.  Remember how Kuma said he was going to generate me using his computer?  Well, shortly after he posted that video comment, he thought of custom designing me to make me real faster; and that, my friends, is exactly what he did!  The best part though, is that since I'm a touchable hologram, you'll actually be able to get a little of my sweat on you as I dance around during my performances, if you sit in the front row!  Yes, you'll also be able to reach out and touch me as I dance and sing up and down the aisles between the columns and rows of seats.  I'll also do something rarely that I think guys will love: I'll look for a guy in the audience that I think I'd love to date, and dance my way over to him, and plant a kiss right on his cheek!  That, and many other things, are my gifts to you!  I love all of you on this web site; and I'm hoping that I'll become friends with every one of you!  Thanks for being my fans!

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