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How do I customize my yard?

Posted by Michael Rodriguez Nazhi on August 3, 2011 at 5:22 PM

Customizing your yard is not as hard as it looks.  Sure, when you start customizing it, your yard already has a default design, but this can be changed as easily as counting to four!  First, click on the areas of the default image you wish to delete; so select multiple areas, simply hold down CTRL (Control) and click on each one, without letting up of the Control key.  Sure, if your finger slips off, you can reposition it back on, which would most often involve letting up on the key, but do not click anything unless you are holding the key down, or you'll have to start selecting all over again!  After you selected all the areas of the yard you want gone, press the delete key.  They will instantly disappear, or almost instantly, depending on how fast your computer is.  Ok, secondly, click on the color of the terrain you want to place down, right click, and then choose "Copy."  You can also click on an item, hold the Control key down (after letting up on the mouse), and press the C key, whilst holding down Control; then, let go of both quickly, first C, then Control.  This gesture is commonly known as "CTRL+C,"  "Control+C," or "Control C."  Thirdly, right click, and then choose "Paste."  This will place a copy of the terrain block accessibly on top of the original; this is necessary so that you don't lose the original template.  Another way to paste anything is to do the same thing you did to copy, but instead of C, press (this is not a typo) V.  Yeah, I know, where did Microsoft come up with that command?  But anyway, you're almost done, now!  All you have to do now is move and resize the duplicate of the terrain!!!  To move anything in the game, simply give it a click, and then, use the arrow buttons to drag it to the spot where you want it to go.  To place it more precisely in a spot literally between two snapped slots, hold Control and use the arrow buttons to truely move it ANYWHERE!  Another imprecise way to move an item is to click on it, and then drag it to the desired area, and then drop it there.  However, with the mouse, you can only put an item in a pre-snapped slot; there is no way you can use the mouse to drop an item in a pinpoint location.  Now, to resize an item, first click on it, and then drag the little frame edge markers to a different spot.  To make something taller, drag the top one up, or the bottom one down, wider, the left one left and the right one right, shorter, the top one down or the bottom one up, completely larger, drag any of the corners farther away from the center, and completely smaller, drag any of the corners closer to the center.  And guess what, that's all you gotta do, it may seem complicated now, but once you've got some practice, you'll be editing things like a pro!!!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

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