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On this site, on another site related to this one, or in the Fims game, I have seen the noun "build." What does this sense of the word mean in this situation?

Posted by Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien on August 8, 2011 at 2:20 PM

In the Fims, there are two main aspects (or modes) of gameplay: Play mode and Build mode.  To most, it's obvious what play mode is; it's the part of the game during which PowerPoint is showing the game in a full screen display window.  So, therefore, build mode is the part of gameplay where PowerPoint shows an edit window, and you customize the different features of your Fims and your world.  In build mode, each area of possible customization, such as a Fim, your house, your yard, or your world, is called a build.  There are many ways you can use builds, some of which include: designing the interior of a house or building, setting a background for your map, positioning streets, homes, and businesses on the map, setting the colors of various objects in your world, creating and editing Fims, posting videos to the overhead projectors in the Fims' school, customizing Zoomspots, and many more things!  There are a couple of things to watch out for when editing a build.  A build is composed of all of the slides that you see when editing it, so if you're adding or changing a background, be sure not to click "Apply To All," because if you do, all of the slides (also known as Areas) of that particular build will have the new background.  Yes, you can undo this by holding down the Control key, pressing Z, and then letting up on those two keys in reverse order, but it would totally save you time if you simply clicked "Apply," and not "Apply To All."  Finally, the game can store as much data in its builds as you want it to, but the more things you put in one area of any particular build (especially the first slide), the longer the game takes to load the build in play mode, so try to spread out the features of your builds among slides.  You can also create a duplicate of an area by holding Alt, pressing I (i), letting up in reverse order, and then pressing D .  To clear the contents of the area without clearing the editing setup, drag your mouse from the top left corner of the area (just below the editing setup) to the bottom right corner of the area, and then press "Backspace" or "Delete."  You will notice that the editing tools are still above what is now a blank area, with the same background as the original area that you copied.  So, yes, there's some information on builds for you.

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