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Michael Rodriguez Nazhi

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Hi, I'm Michael Nazhi.  I'm one of Kuma's brothers.  I was adopted into the Nazhi family about a year ago (in the summer of 2010).  If you're wondering why I am literally green, I was born with a VERY rare disorder, called GSD, or green slime disorder.  When I sweat, I release a substance that is quite similar to Nick slime.  I was even green when I was born!!!  In fact I don't even know what color I am underneath all this green!!! It's never shown through!!!!!  But I'm proud of my color, especially since Kuma and I are the two hottest guys in school!!!!!  What with him being blue, and me being green, all the girls croon and swoon over us, kissing us (a Kumanian sign of affection) wherever we go.  Kuma even almost got kissed by a teacher, but he showed her who was boss, nonviolently and nonvulgarly.  I don't know how he did it!  You'll have to ask him!!!  Anyway, here's my adoption story: I used to live in Mexico, although my parents had immigrated there from the States.  Neither knew a word of Spanish, and so I was on my own to learn.  The problem was that they literally beat me down if I so much as said "Hola," because they didn't know what I was saying, and they thought I was using Spanish as a way to tell secrets.  Plus, they were simply abusive and neglectful!  So I attached a tiny microphone to my mom's necklace, the next time she went to the bank.  See, she always murmurs her code when she types it into the ATM, but not loudly enough for me to hear it otherwise.  So, when she got back, literally whipping me into the basement, I waited until I knew she and my dad were asleep.  Then, I sneakily crept upstairs and took the mic off her necklace.  I played the audio, and it was off to the bank for me the next day.  I got enough money for both a train ticket and a plane ticket.  It was then that I rode the train to the airport, flew to India.  I didn't know why, but I just felt like God wanted me to go there, so I did.  And sure enough, I was right to do so!!!!!  I now live with the Nazhi's, only the BEST family in India!  They welcomed me right in.  And now, I'm living happily ever after with Kuma, Rika, Jonny, Rosalina, Brenda, Mameh, and Dardeh!!!  THE END!!!!!!!!!!

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